Shipping Cars from UK

Before you decide to undertake car shipping, it is very important to know what requirements are needed for importing vehicle in that country and that your car meets the required standards. It is important you consider customs implications and costs that will be involved once the vehicle arrives at designated country by contacting the necessary parties. It is important you contact the UK DVLA and advise them that your vehicle is going to be exported out of the UK so that they can strike off the vehicle from their records.

We will take care of all your export paperwork which takes the hassle out of the complication of importing cars. We will commit the entry to HMRC customs in the UK to advise them your car is leaving the UK which is a legal requirement when undertaking export of vehicles.

At Ascope shipping, we are able to assist you with shipments your vehicles from UK to Africa, Australia, America , Asia and Europe. We offer two different ways of shipping your car abroad.

  • Container shipping services i.e 20ft or 40ft – Container can also be delivered to your loading point where you strap and secure vehicle in the container instead of delivering to the warehouses for loading.
  • Roll on and Roll off Service (RO-RO) – Vehicles are driven in and out of vessel at departure and arrival ports.


Shipping Cars Through Container Service

Container shipping service is the safest shipping method for shipping from UK to overseas. Besides shipment of the units, we load the vehicles at ports of Southampton, Sheerness, Liverpool, Felixstowe and Tilbury. Vehicles are strapped, secured and loaded on the containers and into the vessel.

Personal effects can also be included in the containers if the space allows. Whatever items or cars being shipped in container, your possessions will be delivered on time and in perfect condition. Container shipping through Ascope shipping is bound to be safe as overseas container shipping services are our main speciality.

We guarantee, that we are connected to shipping lines that offer competitive shipping cost to international destinations that provide safe and timely shipment for your goods in containers and meet all standards.

Vehicle Shipping Via Roll on Roll off (Ro-Ro)

RORO shipping is the simplest and cheapest method of shipping cars overseas. Vehicles or machinery are loaded onto large ocean shipping vessels for overseas shipment. Ascope shipping provides RoRo services to individuals who wish to ship a car to overseas destinations. Vehicles are driven into the lower decks Ro-Ro vessels and is therefore cheaper and convenient than the container method of shipping.

Vehicles are shipped on a weekly or fortnightly basis and depart from port of Tilbury in Essex, Sheerness in Kent, Felixstowe port, Immingham port, Liverpool port, Portbury port in Bristol, Portsmouth port and Southampton port. Please feel free to Contact us for a quotation.

Contact us today on 01482 228366 or email and let us help you with your international shipping needs.